Rohn Healthcare

R- Resources
O- of
H- healthy
N - Nutrients

Manufacturers of nutraceuticals and Dietary supplement

Iso 22000 compiled state of art manufacturing facilities to produce high quality nutraceuticals and dietary supplements delivering superior quality nutraceuticals in optimum dosage for require health benifits.

Our Strategic Purpose

Our Mission:

Serving the citizens of world with Natural and Efficacious products to enhance Strength and Vigor to lead Healthy and prosperous life.

Our Experience:

We have combined experience of more than 40 years in field of Nutraceutcials and Manufacturing of Formulations.

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We have unique blend of youth and experienced professionals with expertise in manufacturing and marketing of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements. We have developed more than 500 unique products for various indication and using efficient delivery systems.

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Our Strength:

Our strength and experience lies in selecting high Quality raw material with desired phytochemical profiles,providing optimal

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dosing for maximum product efficacy and developing the most efficient delivery system.

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