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How to Increase Immunity?

24 Jul 2019 2 comments ROHN Healthcare Categories Healthcare

Our Immune system guards our body from bacteria's and viruses which causes various diseases. Immune system develops from child till the puberty age (age of 14-18 years). Once we reach puberty , our immune system stops developing. Our Immune system uses the information collected during this period to fight the diseases.

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So it becomes essential that we increase our immunity after puberty. Immunity can be increase by consuming foods which are high in vitamin C, B-Complex, Vitamin E,  Carotenoids (beta carotene , lycopene) , minerals like Selenium and  Zinc ,  pre and Probiotics, some Phyto-nutrients and antioxidants like  Co-enzyme Q10  and Dimethylglycine.  It is essential to consume foods like citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C), leafy vegetables (rich in Caratenoids), nuts, fruits and vegetables high in fiber, yogurt (source of probiotics)  and garlic (essential Phyto-nutrient for immune system).

Another most important way to increase immunity is to supplement by Colostrum. Colostrum is the yellow milk secreted by mammals in first 24 hrs after giving birth to younger one. Colostrum contains all the essential immune factors and growth factors These factors are transferred from mother to new born baby by colostrum. Colostrum plays an important role in developing the immune system of new born baby.

Colostrum is rich in immune factors and growth factors. There are known 90 immune factors in colostrum. Immune factors help in strengthening the  immune system by providing vital information to fight various bacterial and viral infections . This in turn helps the body to fight against viral and bacterial infections. There are many disease which are cause due to low immunity like Cancer and  T.B.  AIDS is also an indicator of low immunity.  Growth factors help in stimulating growth of body. Growth factors also help in growth and regeneration of aged or injured muscles, bones , cartilages, skin , collagen and new tissues.

Supplementing with Colostrum can increase the immunity of adults.  Many researchers have shown that supplementing with Colostrum helps in strengthening the immune system. A stronger immune system can protect the body from whole lot of diseases. It also helps in controlling various allergies (hyper immune disease) and autoimmune diseases.

Various Colostrum supplements are easily available in health stores and also from various online  health marketing companies. This colostrum is sourced from bovine animals. The immune and growth factors of colostrum are not species specific. So humans can easily consume the colostrum form Bovine animals. Colostrum  supplements are available in various forms like powder, capsules, Chewable tablets and sprays.

Colostrum has very negligible amount of Lactose. But people having lactose intolerance should take Physicians advice before consuming colostrum supplementation.

Remember the Old saying “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” and strengthen you immune system to fight against any disease. Have a strong immune system and stay healthy.

Immunity can be increased by eating right kind of food. Supplementation with colostrum is very important to increase immunity. Enhance your immunity and stay healthy. Remember the old saying

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”