Fiber supplement with Prebiotics| Prebiotic Dietary Fiber supplement for Gut Health

Fiber Supplement With Prebiotics

Ideal Fiber supplement of Insoluble And Soluble fiber for Constipation and Gut Health.

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Only Fiber supplement with Ideal ratio of Insoluble and Soluble fiber for Gut Health and Regular Bowel Movements with added benefits of prebiotic.


Fiber are the roughage part of vegetables, Fruits , grains and cereals. They are not digested by body. There are two types of Fibers : Water insoluble and water soluble fibers. Insoluble fibers helps easier movement of stool through gut. Soluble fiber dissolve in water and form gel, thereby making the stool bulkier. Fibers are very useful for regular Bowel movements and in constipation.Although Fiber is not digested by the body and is not an essential nutrient, but for proper digestion of food and regular Bowel movements ,

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We require approx. 25 grams of fiber daily.Our Fiber Supplement contains ideal ratio of Insoluble to Soluble fiber to get optimum benefits of fiber to enhance gut health, Reduce Constipation and regularize bowel movements. It will also be beneficial for Heart and Diabetic Care.Our fiber supplement conatins Inulin which also acts as prebiotic. Inulin maintains the health of Beneficial Gut bacteria , which enhances the process of digestion.

Who should take Fiber Supplement:

  •  For regular Bowel Movement
  •  For treating Constipation
  •  For IRS .
  •  Ideal supplement for piles and fissures.
  •  It is useful in reducing Cholesterol as Fiber particles attach to the cholesterol form the food and remove them from body.
  •  Fiber Supplement Controls Diabetics.
  • Aids in weight. Ideal supplement for people on diet.

Why Rohn Fiber Supplement

  • Only Fiber supplement in market with Ideal Insoluble to Soluble Fiber ratio.
  • Made from High Quality Oat And Inulin fibers.
  • Neutral in taste, So it can be mixed with Chapati dough , Juices, Milk Shakes, or can be sprinkled on any food item.

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100 grams Powder

Nutritional Information :
Serving Size -  5 grams
RDA as per ICMR
# RDA not Established

Does :

  • -  Take 5 grams once or twice a day along with water, Juice or your favorite drink.
  • - Consume Plenty water when you are on Fiber supplementation.

Additional information


Oat Fiber
Silicon Dioxide (INS 551)


100 grams in HDPE Bottle.