Phytosterol Tablet-Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Phytosterols Tablet

Reduce Cholesterol Naturally.

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Phyosterols are present in all vegetables, fruits and plant-based food products. There are three types of major Phytosterols: Sitosterol, Camposterol and Stigmasterol. These three sterols formed total Phytosterols. Phytosterols are similar in chemical structure to Cholesterol. They compete with Cholesterol from food for absorption in the body. Phytosterol been better crystalized than Cholesterol, they compete with Cholesterol in absorption. Studies have shown that food higher in Phytosterol helps in reducing LDL (Bad Cholesterol levels .

Phytosterols are approved by US FDA as food for lowering Cholesterols.

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Why Rohn Phytosterols:

  • Our Total Plant Phytosterols are extracted from Non GMO Sunflower Oil and is free of allergen products like Soya and Gluten.
  • Highest purity of Phytosterols with around 70% Sitosterols.

Who Should Take Phytosterols:

  • 1 .People with High Cholesterol Levels
  • 2. People with High LDL to HDL Ratio

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60 Tablet per HDPE Bottle

# RDA not Established

One to Two Tablet a Day

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Plant Phytosterol Complex ,


if you are pregnant or lactating, than please consult your physician before taking this product.